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We will help you grow deep roots of resilience in this time of climate crisis

We are in the midst of a global pandemic of burnout and hopelessness


of adults are burned out


of 16-25 year olds are very worried about the climate.  Nearly half  said the anxiety affects their daily functioning.


How do we thrive in these difficult times?


All the usual strategies we use for self-care are simply not enough to cope with the tsunami of suffering. We must let it flow through us, our feet rooted in what’s not afraid and doesn’t die.

Deep Resilience Training
makes this possible.

What is Deep
Resilience Training?


DRT is a way of regaining a felt-sense of our interdependence
interconnectedness, and reciprocity with the living web of life.

Tap into a source of renewable energy that allows us to stay present and engaged with all we care about

Who's this for?

DRT is for all who are overwhelmed by the suffering in their lives and in our world, or who worry about how their children and grandchildren will cope as they grow into an uncertain future.


Our Goal

to tend to our inner ecology so we can take care of outer ecology in a more sustainable way

Get in touch and join our growing community

While we are getting ready to launch our courses, we offer a completely free consultation session to discuss how Deep Resilience may be helpful to you or your group


Reach out to book a free consultation

25 minute session with Michael Kearney MD

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— read the book that started it all

Becoming Forest

A Story of Deep Belonging

This is the story of a young Irish woman called Aishling, who is on a quest to find a way of making resilience available to young people facing an uncertain future because of climate change. She travels to India to seek guidance by sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, the place of the Buddha’s enlightenment. There she meets a young monk, Dorje, and they become friends as they walk the roads of India and learn from each other along the way. Spanning three continents, and three forests, and three generations of women, Becoming Forest is ultimately a story about the healing wisdom of trees.

Becoming Forest - A Story of Deep Belonging offers inspiration, encouragement, and meditation practices that will be helpful to young (and all) people living in a time of mass extinctions and climate collapse.

michael kearney-2.jpg

by Michael Kearney MD, our founding teacher

BF COVER.jpg-2.webp

"a bold, imaginative tale that serves as a handbook for physiological and spiritual resilience in the face of imminent climate collapse."

Mary Robinson, the 7th

President of Ireland


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When you participate in Becoming Forest Project’s offerings, we plant a tree on your behalf. You will decide if this is Californian Redwood in Northern California, or an Oak Tree in an Irish Atlantic rainforest, or helping with the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest
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